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Experience the hair of your dreams

Hand Tied Extensions

Luxurious. Seamless. Painless.

Have more questions? Scroll down... I've got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How many "rows" do I need?

If your goal is to match your current length and add fullness, or you have fine hair and want to add a couple inches of length "one row" is usually enough. If lots of length is the goal "two rows" is usually a must to ensure a seamless blend from your natural hair to the extension hair. See first time extension packages below for options and pricing!

What products are necessary?

At my studio I carry, and recommend a line specifically for extensions. This line is made of up a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in spray. Those are they only products crucial for the extension hair. You can feel free to use any finishing product after the hair is styled to add texture or hold. 

WHAT NOT TO USE- anything with sulfates, or protein.  And no oils. If you are ever unsure PLEASE, ask me. Failure to use to right products can result in ruining the hair beyond repair. Look at the hair as an investment! Take care of it, and it will last a long time!

What is the upkeep?

Move-ups are necessary every 6-8 weeks. Some can wait 9, it just really depends on how quickly your hair grows. Move-ups are when we take out the old beads and reattach them to new hair to make sure we maintain the health of the hair and scalp. The hair itself should last up to a year if properly taken care of and if the suggested products are used.

How do I take care of them at home?

Don't you worry about a thing... when we are done with your first install I'll be sending you off with a little goodie bag to help maintain your extensions at home and you'll also be given an "At Home Maintenance Guide". This guide will walk you through how to wash, style, and sleep with your new extensions as well as some tips and tricks!

And remember I'm only an email away if you have any other questions or concerns!

What the heck are extensions??

I am certified in SKW Extensions. This method was developed by a nurse practitioner with the health of the hair and scalp in mind. I'm currently obsessed with the "hidden beaded row" version because the beads are totally hidden and the transition between the natural hair and wefts is seamless!


Hand tied extensions are simply a way to enhance one's locks. Whether you are craving length, fullness, or both... this method of extensions is a great way to do all of this without any glue, tape, or anything "sticky" that can cause damage to your natural hair.


To install the hair I create a "track" with plastic beads clamped to sections of your natural hair. This gives the hair wefts something to attach to. The hair is attached by weaving a nylon thread through the hair. If done right, (the only way I do it!) this process should be painless and comfortable.

How to get started

Fill Out Digital Consultation Form

Step Two

Book In Person Consultation/Color Match

Step Three

Step One

  • Pay Retainer
  • Make Appointment For Install At Least 14 days from then.

Step Four

Get excited for the hair of your dreams, I know I am!!

Step Five

Extension Packages

All pricing is approximate, final price given after in person consultation.
**All color services for extension hair and natural hair are priced separately and may require a separate appointment. This will also be discussed at the in-person consultation.** 

Volume Packages- One Row Up To Five Wefts Total

14" Luxury Extension Hair
$220 Retainer
Paid Before Appointment Is Made
Due At Install
18" Luxury Extension Hair
$275 Retainer
Paid Before Appointment Is Made
Due At Install
Move up maintenance for volume packages is between 6-9 weeks and costs $200

Volume+Length Packages-  Two Rows Up To Ten Wefts Total

18" Luxury Extension Hair
$550 Retainer
Paid Before Appointment Is Made
Due At Install
22" Luxury Extension Hair
$750 Retainer
Paid Before Appointment Is Made
Due At Install
Move up maintenance for volume+length packages is between 6-9 weeks and costs $380

What these packages include...

  • Professionally color matched by Liv
  • Installation of extensions
  • Cut and blended to match your hair
  • Styling lesson
  • Take home bag with goodies!
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Extension Packages
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