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Simple. Removable. Minimal Upkeep.

Halo Couture Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are "Halo Couture" Exensions?

Halo couture extensions are extensions but without all of the high maintenance move ups and at home care. You can add them to your hair anytime you want more volume and/or length, and then easily take them out at the end of the day.  Can be used for not only special occasions, but daily as well! Absolutely no damage!

Why choose Halo over Hand-tied?

-Halo couture extensions are great if you don't have the means for move-ups every 8 weeks... It is only a one time cost!

-If you get hand-tied extensions but you/your hair needs a break, or you plan on having a summer at the pool and don't want to worry about ruining the hair. Halos are great so you still have hair but can take it out when you need!

-You have a special occasion, and you want thicker fuller hair without having to have commit to a frequent salon visits.

How long do they last?

This really depends on how often you wear them, wash them, if they were cared for properly, and if you store them correctly when not being used. I've heard of some people having their Halo for years

What at home products are necessary?

Halo couture extensions are just like regular extensions when it comes to the products that you use on them. I always recommend a line specifically made for extensions. This includes a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in spray. (I love the B3 Extension line currently) These will all help with the longevity, and manageability of the hair. Finishing products can  also be used, just not in excess. And if you want a hands-off, simple approach, just book a "Deep Clean, Treatment and Blowout" and I'll do all the work for you. (This also means you can save money on products at home!)

How do they stay in?

Halo couture has NO clips that can pull and damage your hair... the hair is on a loop with a very thin, clear line (think fishing line). This line sits at the top of your head just a couple inches past your hairline. You then lay your natural hair on top of the extension hair to create a beautiful blend! Don't worry, I always show you how to install the hair properly so you don't have to figure it out on your own!

What is the difference between "Original Halo" and "Layered Halo"?

The main difference is the "Layered Halo" has about 30% more hair than the "Original Halo". The Layered Halo provides maximum volume for dense or thick hair. It also has built in layers to seamlessly blend shorter styles into gorgeous long hair!

How much do they cost?

What lengths are available?

Lengths available  for the "Original Halo" are 12", 16", 20" and 24". Lengths available for the "Layered Halo" are 14", 18" and 22".

Follow these steps to get started!

Step One
Book a "Halo Consultation" to get color matched and discuss any questions you have.
Step Two
Pay for the extensions, then I place the order for you.
Step Three
Schedule follow up appointment about a week out to pick up hair, and have an in-salon lesson on how to install.
halo pricing

Pricing Breakdown

"Original Halo"

12" Original

12" Balayage



16" Original

16" Balayage

20" Original

20" Balayage

24" Original

24" Balayage







"Layered Halo"

14" Original

14" Balayage



18" Original

18" Balayage



22" Original

22" Balayage



** Balayage has a deeper root color. Original is the same color from root to ends.**

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